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Sun Yi’s Academy North Carolina

2019 Testing  Schedule


Promotional Testing / Raleigh

  • March 30th Testing and Black Belt Seminar

  • June 22nd Testing and Black Belt Class

  • September 14th Testing and Black Belt Class

  • December 7th Testing and Black Belt Class

2019  Events:

  • Black Belt Seminar with Grand Master Yi - March 30th

  • Annual Sun and Pool Cookout - TBA

  • National Masters and Instructors Seminar October 4th ( Topeka, Kansas

  • Sun Yi’s Traditional Tae Kwon Do Championship & Black Belt Testing, October 5th ( Topeka, Kansas )


Ø  Please call your instructor & Master Berger if there is a conflict. It is also important that Black Belts make all efforts to attend all promotional testings, as it is your responsibility to continue to support your school and help those below you in rank.



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